Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Lost Diary #1 | The Lost Girl

A creative fictional diary; sometimes based on certain factual truths.
The Lost Girl

My doctor told me that writing could be my cure out of all of this, that somehow my words and my stories can ease the pounding and impulsive thoughts of my subconscious. I'm a girl of many memories, trapped in my past, and I can't seem to break the shackles that bound my freedom. Some may think I'm a lost cause, a lost and lonely girl whose voice is only heard through written wordsthrough a diary entry. And maybe they're right.

My life is far from a fairytale. There is no prince charming, there is no perfect life, perfect marriage, or perfect family. No. There's only me, just me, and the hidden stories stored in the deepest and darkest space of my mind—a place I fear, but can never escape from

I'm a prisoner in my own world, a prisoner of my own mind, and because of fear, I live among the shadows living a shadowed life. I'm a lost soul in a world of darkness and exclusion, a girl trapped in a society that demands perfection and acceptance, a soul torn between life and death. 

But it wasn't always like thisI wasn't always like this. I was happy, once, but those days are slowly fading away. I know you may be wondering how I ended up here, why I am the way I am, and maybe one day you will know, but that's another story to tell. For now, you will know me as Anonymous, the Lost Girl, and the stories and tales that lie ahead won't always be dark, they won't always be pretty and they won't always be in order either. I am, after all, the past and the present, and there's no telling where and how it will all end—the future lies ahead beyond the dark horizon. 


  1. Hello StephEx,

    I must disagree with your statement:
    "...I'm a lost cause, a lost and lonely girl..."

    No, you are beautiful... in mind and body!

    You said:
    "There's only me, just me..."

    You may feel that way, but there are many others (like me) who hear you... and love you...
    You are *NOT* alone!

    You said:
    "I'm a prisoner in my own world, a prisoner of my own mind..."
    Perhaps you are, but you don't have to be! I (and presumably others) would love to rescue you from that dark prison!

    Finally, you said:
    "I was happy, once, but those days are slowly fading away..."
    Yes, the past *does* slowly fade away, but you CAN have new days of happiness!

    I (we?) love your art... and hope there are better days in your future!

    So, keep sharing your passion.... we will continue to comment... and hopefully you will become more optimistic?

    Love >3 >3

    1. Thank you so much for your comments H2Obsession, I really appreciate them and you as a reader! ♥ But this is a creative "fictional" diary as stated at the top.

      My creative work is mostly fiction (made up), however, some of my pieces are sometimes inspired by experience, like the 2nd diary entry, but I add a fictional take/twist on it. This diary isn't 100% about me, but a character I've created in my mind—a girl trapped in a diary, a girl people can relate to in some way. It's a diary of stories; a short novel of a girl and her diary. Hope that makes sense!

      I've mentioned to you before that I am optimistic when it comes to my dreams and passions, I just happen to be a dark writer haha, and writing makes me happy :) We all have our good days and our bad days after all, and we can't always have it together—we fall and we rise. It's life, and that's what this diary is about: the life of a lost 'fictional' girl.

      Much love ♥

  2. I just left a comment but I don't see it here so if you do see it, disregard this one, but this reminds me of the beginning of Dante's Inferno, for some reasons.

    1. Hey, thanks for reading! I did get both of your comments by the way, I have to approve and publish each one, sorry about that lol!

      I've never played Dante's Inferno, but I hope you liked and enjoyed my writing piece :)