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The 100: Episode 3 | Discussion

Warning: The following discussion contains spoilers!
Did that really just happen? 



This episode sure did leave me on the WTF?! side at the end. Seems like a storm of chaos, murder and mystery is about to settle over Earth—over them—as an unexpected killer is revealed.

So we learn Wells kept his secret and didn't tell anyone about Clarke's father and that he is actually a good and trustworthy friend. It turns out Clarke's mother was the one who exposed him and Wells took the blame and lied to protect Clarke so she wouldn't hate her mother.

"That's what friends are for."
The Watch
Clarke witnessed her father's 'death', but before, says goodbye to him and he gives her his watch which left me wondering, what is the deal with this watch? The reason I say this is because in the introduction, the men tell Clarke to remove the watch from her wrist before she is sent to Earth, her father really wanted her to have it and they kept showing it. Perhaps it contains some sort of message or code on/in it, or it has some other use.

I could be wrong and it could just be a way for her to remember him, but let's face it, 98% of the time when TV shows and movies keep showing something, it's bound to reappear, have answers/meaning, or will come in handy later on so I'm going to stick with my suspicions.
Why Kids Should Never Play With Knives
Bellamy has a soft spot for children, who would have thought? It was good to see this side of him instead of his typical "I'm-the-King-All-Hail-Me" complex. What is semi sweet, but turns out completely bitter, is when he tells Charlotte to not fear her demons and stand up against them. Seemed like a good idea to tell a troubled child who is afraid to not fear anything, right?...WRONG!

After the mysterious radiation storm passes, Adam is found blind and covered with burnt, blistered skin and boils. Surprisingly, Bellamy found it tough to kill his own friend so Clarke does it, but in a somewhat peaceful way by humming a soft tune to him. Charlotte witnessed this, but I didn't really think much of it. Silly me.

With Adam dead, Jasper took a turn for the better and is healed with the seaweed Clarke, Wells and Finn found in the river. Octavia is glad to see him alive and I'm guessing he will be her next love interest. But the episode didn't end there because someone else had to diesomeone I wasn't expecting.
Well that escalated quickly....
Seriously? Wells was one of the main characters and I was starting to like him even more. I kind of figured Charlotte was going to hurt him in some way at the end, but kill him? It seems a little too soon to kill him off which was why it left me not believing it until I watched the promo for the next episode. Oh well...or should I say, oh Wells? I hope justice is served in the next episode after killing him and humming like a creepy child. Although Chancellor Jaha might not be a good guy, Wells didn't deserve to die, but John on the other hand...yeah, he needs to go.

It was a good episode overall, not the greatest, but next week looks interesting. What did you think of it? Let me know in the comments below!

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