Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile | Review

The Big Bad Wolf just got bigger and more badass.
Filled with more action, a couple of twists, turns and tough decisions, The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile definitely stepped up from the previous episode, Smoke and Mirrors. It’s big, mean and bad, and your wise or irrational choices will be tested.

Troll Under the Bridge
After discovering Crane’s dark, dirty secret and creepy obsession with Snow White, A Crooked Mile continues from where it left off. You’re at the crime scene, angry, frustrated, disgusted, confused and worried. With Crane on the loose, it’s up to Bigby to protect Snow, find more answers and connections, as well as find Crane and cross lines with possibly new allies and old and new enemies. Snow will be your partner throughout the entire episode, and although they make a good team, conflict of interests will rise and their relationship and trust for one another will be tested also. 

But be careful with who you trust, who you let in and who you agree with, and more importantly, be careful trusting yourself and your actions because a couple of the decisions you have to make may have serious consequences and impact the storyline as well as Bigby’s character.
The Choices We Make
Telltale did a good job in terms of this episode’s design, plot, character development and relationships, action, interaction and choices. The graphics and artwork were once again amazing, and the plot thickens during the one hour and a half time of gameplay. Though one of the cons is that it is on the short side, it ran smoothly and I didn’t experience any bugs or glitches unlike Smoke and Mirrors which was a relief.

A few new characters are introduced and depending on how you treat two of them will determine your relationship with them. If you thought Dum and Dee are pain in the ass, wait until you meet the next villain. Spoiler alert: it’s a woman. But wait, there’s also another. A character that Episode 4 will centre around. The Crooked Man.
Taste of Rage
The action and interaction, for me, was satisfying, though at one point, murdering my ‘Q’ button for a long ten to fifteen seconds proved ineffective which was a little unnecessary, but it did get my adrenaline pumping in fear of Bigby getting hurt. No one messes with the Big Bad Wolf!

The choices you have to make are probably the toughest ones of the previous two episodes. Two of them made my brain tug from left to right as I tried to decide what the right, or best, choice was. I’ll admit, the last decision was big and the option I chose left me feeling dark and a little ‘crooked’ after playing the Nice, Forgiving Wolf. No choices you make are considered right or wrong, but the last one definitely will be a double edged sword meaning either way will have a consequence as the story progresses.  
Big and Bad
A Crooked Mile was well done and I enjoyed it. The story is getting more deep and interesting, and I can’t wait for more twists and turns. A crooked road is ahead of Bigby, and the wrong turn could lead to something Big and Bad. Crane is just the tip of iceberg and it will take Bigby and Snow to solve the case, one that will lead them to their threat: The Crooked Man.

So, who do you play as? The Good Loyal Dog, or the Big Bad Wolf? You decide. But be warned, once you have a taste of the dark side, you might not ever return back from it. You are The Big Bad Wolf after all.


Final Verdict
The Wolf Among Us: A Crooked Mile was a great, action filled episode that answers a couple questions from Smoke and Mirrors and will leave you wanting more.


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