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Revenge: Season 3 Finale | Discussion

The following contains spoilers. You have been warned.
Revenge comes with a Price

Revenge Season 3 came to a conclusion, one that left me a little sad and surprised at the end. It's called Revenge for a reason, but after that finale, was it all for nothing?

David Clarke's name is now officially cleared and Conrad is finally getting what he deserves: life in prison. Victoria, on the other hand, discovers the truth of who Emily Throne really is and knows of her plans to punish the Graysons for what they did to her father. But everything just has to have a price, doesn't it? After believing Emily was involved with Pascal's murder, she gets her revenge and kills one of the best characters in the show. Aiden. Seriously?! I hated Victoria throughout the series, felt sorry for her at times, but my God, I hate her even more now. It's a shame he's dead, but I always knew the writers would kill him off and focus on the love story between Amanda and Jack—it was obvious.
The Framing of Daniel Grayson
I'll admit it, I was so happy when Margaux's brother framed Daniel for possible murder. I used to like Daniel when the TV show began, but over the three seasons, his character became more complex, arrogant, self absorbed and dark. Like father like son, I guess. It will be interesting to see what happens next with his storyline and if he will face prison once again. I have a feeling he will get with Margaux in the next season and Margaux will turn cold and stern just like her father, Pascal, and fight to keep the company. That would be one hell of a dominate relationship....
Repeat of History?
Speaking of prison, things aren't looking too good for Jack since Charlotte miraculously knew it was Jack who drove her home from the abduction when he touched her shoulder. She breaks his car window and sees the tear she made in the car seat and reports him to the police. Will this be a repeat of David Clarke where Jack takes the blame for Amanda's crime and faces time in jail? I really hope not.
Victoria; Justice
"The truth is, the man that you remember as your father and the man I knew, were very different." - Victoria

Foreshadowing? I think it might be (I'll get to that in the next part). After Amanda having her father and childhood ripped away from her, and after people tried to convince her that her father was a terrorist and no one believed her, Victoria is sent to a psychiatric hospital. Justice is served! I honestly thought Emily was going to bury her alive, now that would have been revenge to the extreme. Of course she doesn't get killed off, though it would have been satisfying, but she remains to be a pawn in the next new game, one that involves a man from the dead.
Rising from the Ashes

Just kidding, he's ALIVE! WHAT?! Well this is going to change a lot of things. I don't really know how I feel about this. I thought about this a few times but always dissed the idea of it because it would further complicate things. With him being alive that means that Aiden died for nothingthough it gives the writers the chance to focus on Amanda and Jack's love story—as well as Declan and the real Emily Thorne, and risking her own life and wasting the majority of it on planning her revenge would have been for nothing also. For David's sake, at least he got to stab and kill Conrad. Karma is a B. It wouldn't surprise me though if that scene was all in Conrad's head and was just a nightmare.

Where will the story go now? Will Amanda blame her father for wasting her time and her life, and for the deaths of those who were affected by her plans? Will David Clarke, her own father, be the next target in her plot for revenge? Now that would be pretty stupid if it was the case, but it would be crazy and intense. Victoria did say David isn't who Amanda thinks he is. It would be a bit of a sick twist if he really is guilty of the crimes he was accused of or if he committed other murders and Amanda was doing his dirty work without realising by taking out everyone who knew the truth of something terrible he did. I doubt that will happen, but it would be a shocking twist.

Revenge: Season 4 Predictions
  •  Emily might reveal her true identity
  • Seeing her father will create a whole bunch of problems and she may end up hating him
  • If David truly is alive he will free Victoria
  • Nolan will regain his company and become a billionaire when he steals Javier's project from Daniel; Javier will be his business partner
  • Charlotte may turn into a female version of Daniel
  • Daniel may face charges
  • Marguax and Daniel will get together
  • Jack will be sentenced to jail
  • Amanda will have to free Jack
  • Amanda and Jack will fall in love all over again
  • This could be the last ever season.
Well, there are my thoughts of the Season Finale and what may happen in Season 4. What are some of your predictions and what did you think of the Season overall and its finale? Let me know in the comments below!

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