Thursday, 1 May 2014

Silence | Short Story

The silence is broken and the truth is left to interpretation...
A dark, fictional short story written and created by me - STEPHEX
Nobody will ever understand. I never thought my life would end up the way it did, at least I hope it wouldn’t have. The thing with me is that I notice everything; the way people look at me, their judgemental eyes, their impulsive judgmental thoughts and their malicious attitude. I’m a freak in their mind and they’re right. I am, though I try my best not to show it. You see, like your average typical teenager, I discovered myself in high school. I learnt my true talent, one that would silence everyone if they knew the truth.

      They used to pick on me, destroy my books and shatter my glasses, but my anger remained intact—boiling inside a controlled bubble. But one day, that bubble popped. I found myself, my true self; one that scared me, yet, I accepted. I welcomed it with open arms and as I did, whatever pathetic muscles I had left, the ones I never used to fight back, died. I became a student to myself.
      Some people grew suspicious, you see. So one day, I showed them my true self, my true form, and that silenced them. They swore they would never tell a soul and that they were ‘sorry’, and in all honesty, they were. In a way, I, too, was sorry. But then it occurred to me, my feelings are different from everyone else. I was only sorry because I felt pity for them; all of them. They were only sorry because they learnt the truth the truth about me. It’s always the same story with them all. They lie, they cause pain and they cheat everyone. It never ends. 

      I did them a favour and so did they. Since then, they kept my secret and have never spoken a word about it. They never told a soul and they never will. The last thing I asked of them was to make a promise and they did. They said they will hold my secret inside their rotting soul and take it to their grave. And that they did. They were silenced, you see. They were saved. And now their souls belong to me.