Monday, 14 July 2014

Oblivion | Creative Ramble

Image/Art by Slavica Dolasevic
To write is to give life; to sit and stare at a blank page is to die slowly.
A creative ramble about the struggle and pain of writer's block and the world of subconsciousness written and created by me - STEPHEX. (Note: this piece can be left to interpretation)


My fingers type, but my words get caught in a web. My mind is a blur and my creativity has faded like the candle light by my side. I'm in a city surrounded by buildings and skyscrapers, but there is no source of life. I'm secluded; by reality and by my imagination. I'm trapped in a glass maze and the only way out is to feel. My journey is there, I can see it and I can feel it, but I cannot hold it. 

     Time is passing me by, the sound of its ticking clicking at my ears. Tick tock. My heart beats, but my mind continues to shrivel up into blank paper ball. Everything is moving except me. Around my world, the shadows form together, creating a pool of darkness, expanding and reaching out. I turn away from it, but I'm surrounded. I hear faint cries, I hear soft sobs, I hear pained screams, but no one is there: it's me. 

      A flash of light passes me. I turn to find it, but no matter where I look, I can no longer see it. It's gone. Forever. An idea, just like that. I try to recapture it, but all prevails. I'm left in the nothingness of myself, my subconscious and my cries for help. I manage to make a sound, but it's not what I wanted. I want to speak, I want to tell, I want to write, yet nothing happens. 

     I'm lost, hopeless and disappointed. I have no motivation to keep me going, no inspiration to keep me wanting, and no voice to keep me sane. I'm worn, just like the candle, and no one can save me, only myself. "Is this the end? Am I doomed for all existence? Or will I break free?"

     As the shadows circle around my body and empty my mind, I look up into the light and find my answer. "No. This is the emptiness and pain of a curse, a curse of the creative mind. Oblivion."

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