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The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 'Cry Wolf' | Review

The Wolf will Rise.
 When you cry wolf, nobody listens. But what if the one person who does listen, is the wolf himself?

All good things must come to an end, but will this be a happily ever after for the people of Fabletown and Bigby himself? How will it all end?

The definition of a ‘happy ending’ is different to many. Some players will enjoy it and others—and most likely many—will be left scratching their heads as they try to wrap their brain around a certain ‘twist’. But if there’s one thing for certain, this season finale is definitely bigger and ‘badder’ and contains more action than the previous episodes with an ending that will blow your mind—Wolf pun intended.

The Hunt is On

Last episode’s ending in ‘In Sheep’s Clothing’ left us all wanting more. We finally come face to face with The Crooked Man and were left wondering the truth behind his crooked ways. Now, we get to find out.

Surrounded by your enemies, Bigby finds himself in the middle of a “situation gone wrong” and must decide the right course of action, but there’s a fine line between justice and revenge. Everything will surface, the end will leave you in surprise, certain mysteries will be resolved and others will rise, bloody battles will be fought and lessons will be taught.

The Big Bad Wolf is Fabletown’s only hope and Snow is counting on you to follow the rules. The question is, will you be the good dog who stays on your leash, or the bad wolf who strays away to the dark side of justice? Temptation and revenge can be bitter sweet after all and so can the truth.
Nothing is as it Seems
Cry Wolf is definitely the most action-packed episode in the entire season. From jumping off rooftops, to dodging oncoming traffic, jumping on moving cars and even containing a lot more badass fighting scenes and a ‘boss battle’, as well as a couple of minor jump scares, Telltale improved in this aspect and made the episode even more enjoyable to play and experience.

Most of the characters will have their resolution while a few others are kept in the dark. And although the artwork, character development, gameplay and storyline still stay fairly solid, it does have a few minor drawbacks.

The choices you make and the ones you already have made don’t really have much of a big impact in the story and have no damaging consequences. It felt as though they weren’t a big deal, didn’t change much or were easily forgiven which was a bit of a letdown. Unanswered questions is also another. At the end, I was left wondering what was going on with a few characters and what happens to some of them. Hopefully if they make a second season they can clear a few things up.
The gameplay remains on point, but be warned that your ‘WSAD’ keys will get a lot of action, especially ‘Q’. The only difference in this episode is there is no longer the mash ‘Q’ then press ‘E’ sequence when in the middle of action/battle. It made the fighting scenes easier, but it kind of lost that challenging feel and as it felt quite simple. The battle scenes are awesome though and we finally get to see Bigby’s true and final form which is a nice treat players will enjoy.

As for the storyline, it wraps up nicely during the hour and a half finale, and the twist at the end will make you think twice as you try and piece it together. Not everything gets resolved, not all friendships will stay strong and not everyone will get a happy ending or a happily ever after because, let’s face it, this is no fairytale; it’s Fabletown.
The Big Bad Wolf
The finale overall is enjoyable and entertaining. Fights will be fought, battles will be won and others lost, blood will be spilt, another mystery will surface and justice will be served. Your choices will have some affect and Fabletown’s view of Bigby relies on you.

What the ‘right’ decision is, is yours to make and the rules of Snow White’s law are yours to break. Will you bring fear back to the town or will you prove Bigby has changed? Either way, the Big Bad Wolf will emerge and rise against those who stand in his way, even if that means taking the law into his own hands.

But remember, sometimes even when you do good, not everyone is going to be pleased, but when you do bad, you might just end up the one thing most fables once saw you as: the feared Lone Wolf. The choice is yours.

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Episode Rating

Great finale, but hoped my choices had an impact on the story as well as consequences.

Season One Rating Overall

Great and engaging storyline with lots of mystery, a few twists and awesome fighting scenes. Drawbacks are the choices, lack of consequences and remaining unanwered quesions. Great series so far!


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