Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Bates Motel: Season 2, Episode 1 | Review

He's Back!
Lock your doors! Psycho Bates Motel is back for Season 2 and my, what an opening! The last episode of Season 1 left us wondering what will happen next and what's in store for the next chapter, and I can honestly tell you what's to come in this season will interesting. Let's just say that the start Season 2 ends with a bang...literally.


After the burial of teacher Miss Watson, Norman remains obsessed over her death and visits her grave regularly...four months later. He tries to remember what exactly happened that night and feels responsible for her death. But the big question is, is Norman pretending he doesn't remember or does he? I'm going to stick with he remembers everything, you'll see why.

As for his mother, Norma's business is going well for a change, but it's change that is going to ruin their business in the future and she will stop at nothing for the council's plans to be put to an end. In the meantime, she is concerned Norman isn't 'right' due to his obsession with Miss Watson's death and his hobby in taxidermy. Bradley isn't dealing with her father's death and his infidelity so well, becoming wreckless, and seeks answers from a man who may be her father's killer.

With the beginning of a psycho, suspicion rising, another death and Norma returning to her old motherly and dramatic ways, Season 2 is looking good!


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