Saturday, 22 March 2014

The Journey

When we've doubted ourselves, tried our best but feel as though nothing ever works out. Never give up on anything, there is always hope.

You are a balloon, flying high with a desire to reach a certain destination. The wind keeps holding you back, but you keep fighting, pushing past any obstable that gets in your way. A storm approaches you. You see the others make it to the other side, but the storm is coming straight for you. A bolt of lightning strikes you. You feel yourself fall. Falling and falling, the rain drenches you, leaving you with no hope. You're losing air but there's a strengthness in you that wants to carry on. You doubt yourself, over and over again.

"I'm ruined. I'm damaged. I tried but I have failed."

The storm eases and you land on the water below. You lay there, hopeless, still doubting. You give up and start sinkingdrowning. From where you are, you see all of the other colourful balloons flying high and bright and reaching their chosen destination. You feel alone. You are stranded. No one else is around, no one except you and your negative thoughts.

A colourful fish suddenly swims toward you and stops. Its eyes are blank, staring at you as if you're out of place. It wonders what you are doing and why you aren't flying like the other balloons. It looks down then swims away, leaving you confused and rejected.

"I'm different from the others. I can't fulfil my dream anymore. It's impossible and it would be a waste of time if I do. What's the point?"

The sun sets above and you see the birds flying toward the orange sun in the horizon. You notice the freedom the bird's have and their dedication as they journey further and further. It hits a certain part of you, the part that strives never to give up. You hold your breath, release the negativity inside of you, your self doubt, and you feel yourself float, floating to back to the surface. You breathe and learn to balance yourself to not fall and drown again and instead, float with your head above the water and see the world a different way.

Although you can't fly anymore, you push yourself harder than ever before to reach the path you so desperately want to reach. You float, further and further, and even though you know it will be a long journey, you keep trying—keep pushing. Because once you reach that place, the place you have always dreamed of, all of that pain, all of those tears would not have been for nothing. It drove you, motivated you and made you stronger than ever before to never give up. 

There will be tough times ahead, more water that will draw you back and push you away, but in your mind, you remain strong, brave and keep fighting because in the end, you know it will be worth it. It is worth it. It is your chosen path after all, your destiny, and however you may get there, whether by air or sea, you will get there. You will succeed and once you do, you will rise and rise higher than any of the other balloons in sky.

You believed and your journey will always be endlessboundless. Your destiny awaits you, even if it is the moon.


This piece was created and written by me - STEPHEX.

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