Sunday, 2 March 2014

Grand Theft Auto V | Review

One World; Three Stories
Do you remember the old Grand Theft Auto games? The first two with the infamous bird’s eye view? Fans were amazed when GTA III was released because it took on a new perspective, and ever since then, it won the hearts of many gamers. To this day GTA has become the biggest gaming franchise so it’s no surprise that GTA V has sold over 15 million copies worldwide! But what makes this game different from the rest? Well, let me tell you.

Unlike the previous GTA games, Grand Theft Auto V allows you to play as three main characters, all of which who have distinct personalities. Meet Michael De Santa, an impulsive middle aged man and retired bank robber living in witness protection whose family is falling apart. He lives a luxurious life but is miserable since he never pursued his dream of becoming a movie producer. Then Franklin enters his life—the son he never had.

Franklin Clinton lives in the ghetto with his annoying aunt Denise. Unlike Michael, Franklin shows more compassion and is a team player. He is seen a lapdog throughout the game where he accepts commands and does whatever he is told, such as assassinations, heists and stealing cars. Out of all three characters, Franklin is more down to Earth and ‘sane’. But then again, Michael and Franklin can both be seen as sane when it comes to Trevor.

In the midst of Blaine County is the troubled and psychotic Trevor Phillips—owner of Trevor Phillips Industries which manufactures crystal meth and arms trafficking. He is unpredictable where at times you will either laugh by his crude sense of humour, or laugh by his shocking actions and outbursts which made the game even more entertaining.

I have to say, the introduction to each character was well done. It allows you to see each side of their story and how their lives intertwine. But things get interesting when Trevor meets the ghost from his past ten years after the heist in North Yankton went sour—Michael, the best friend who faked his own death.

The story overall was engaging and the main missions never got too repetitive. The heists were fun and the ability to choose how you want to go about each one and who you want on your crew was a nice touch. Depending on which option you proceed with—whether it’s subtle or guns blazing—preplanning is needed where certain goods need to be stolen or purchased, such as vehicles, weapons, clothing or an employee’s belongings. Also, depending on who you decide to put on your crew will affect the way the money is split, so if you choose the best of the best, their cut will be higher than someone with less experience due to their high performance. In the end, you must choose wisely because the heist can go wrong and money can be lost.

From heists to assassinations, car thefts, errands, drug deals and helping out a friend, family member or a total stranger, GTA V is an endless, fun and entertaining game. Would I give this a perfect score of 10/10? As much as I liked the storyline, the cool abilities each character has and the awesome graphics, I don’t and I’ll tell you why.

There were a few things that disappointed me. Apart from experiencing a few minor bugs and errors in the game, and a few irritating moments and issues with auto aim, GTA V wasn’t as interactive as I thought it would be. Sure you can play tennis, go sky driving, compete in a triathlon and other races, do yoga—which isn’t fun at all—play golf and darts, go shopping, get tattoos and haircuts, but that’s pretty much it. The activities were a bit of a letdown, except for playing tennis. Personally, GTA San Andreas was a lot more interactive where you could buy safe houses—which you can in GTA V, but only in multiplayer—go to the gym, choose your fighting style, enter fast food stores and casinos, and also, you were able to explore three separate cities. Of course this isn’t a big deal, but if you’re expecting the game to be the most interactive out of the entire franchise then you may be disappointed.

Another disappointment is the map. I felt like too much of it was empty space—the desert and the woods—but if that’s something you like then you will enjoy it. Overall, the map is a decent size—it isn’t too big or too small. An extra city and more open places such as bars, fast food stores and a few extra clothing stores would have been great, and more fun activities such as pool, bowling, or even air hockey instead of boring yoga and hunting would have been even better since it would add more enjoyment to the game. As for the soundtrack, it’s okay, but it’s definitely not the greatest. I think Vice City still has the best radio stations and song lists.

So, should I buy it? Of course! It all comes down to personal preference, but nonetheless it is an awesome game. It’s funny, interesting and highly entertaining. The storyline is great, the script writing and voice acting is fantastic, the main characters are likeable in their own ways, the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is smooth compared to the previous games, and the ending is something different. Speaking of which, if you don’t want any spoilers then don’t read the next paragraph!
Ending Spoilers

Okay, so the last mission can go one of three ways which means different three endings! What?! Yep! Depending on your choice, Michael or Trevor’s fate lies in the palm of Franklin’s hand…literally. For the first time in GTA, you have the choice to choose your ending, whether you decide to kill off a character or take your chances. I chose ‘Option C: Deathwish’ which in my opinion was the best ending out of all three. The assassinations in the mission for option C weren’t challenging though; it was simple and not as epic as I was expecting it to be. But as far as the ending goes, I was satisfied.

In saying that, I rate GTA V 9.5/10. Now it’s time for one of the next big question…GTA 6! I don’t know about you, but I have a feeling that since Liberty City and Los Santos—San Andreas—have already been done, the next game might take place in the city we first met my favourite protagonist Tommy Vercetti and the infamous Love Fist. Another reason why I say this is because one of the members from Love Fist appeared in the game and you can also purchase a Love Fist tank top with Trevor from a clothing store on Vespucci Beach. Is that just a coincidence or is Rockstar giving us a hint? Only time will tell, but if it is a hint, well then…bring on Vice City!



  1. Loved GTA V from start to finish. Online mode's a heap of fun too :)

  2. Same here. Can't wait for Heists to be released Online, it'll be so much fun! :)