Thursday, 13 March 2014

Believe | Review

Believe is a brand new TV show created by Mark Friedman and Alfonso Cuarón, the writer of Gravity. So, what's this series about? Is it any good? Let's find out!

A young girl named Bo has something special about her, something powerful and worth dying for in order to protect. Miracles. After the death of her newly adoptive parents, a man named Tate who is on death row pleading innocence escapes prison with the help of unknown people who are helping to protect Bo. He is given the task to become Bo's guardian and sees a couple of unexplainable actions of hers, such as levitation and telekinesis. Upon meeting her, he sheds tears which is rare for him and fulfils his first task of saving her from an assassin—those who hunt her power.

Throughout the episode we see other abilities she has and that she is also able to see the future and make people believe, not only the truth but believe in themselves. The ending had a twist I wasn't expecting, I'll admit.

Believe: the Good Side of Paranormal
Was it good or not? So far I'm enjoying it. It isn't anything amazing—though I'm hoping it will be—but it definitely isn't bad. The only thing that annoyed me was the typical 'I'm-such-a-badass-guy-with-anger-issues' character, and it's obvious that his bad ways will change as the storyline progresses as Bo will have an impact on him. 

  • Something new and different
  • About miracles and abilities
  • Okay characters
  • Has a bit of humour at times
  • Interesting storyline
  • Twist at the end
  • Doesn't leave you on edge
  • Stupid moments from characters
  • Didn't leave me completely hooked 

For now I will keep watching to see what happens and include my thoughts in my WW Wednesdays posts so stay tuned!


  Final Verdict


  1. Hmm interesting.. There's only one explanation for her abilities though..