Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 2: 'A House Divided' | Review

What's the most important thing in this world? What's the one thing a guy would walk hundreds of miles just to get back?

Family, safety, trust, bonding, separation, protection and loyalty: welcome back to another episode of The Walking Dead: Season 2, ‘A House Divided’, where decision-making proves to be more difficult, some that can lead to damaging consequences—including the death of certain main characters—so choose your options wisely.

Everyone’s gameplay will be different, and whether you chose to save Pete or Nick will affect the storyline slightly. For me, saving Pete seemed like the right choice, even though he was bit which sucked. He saved Clementine's life—along with Luke—and stood by her side so I felt I owed him and try to save his life. Staying with Pete allows you as the player, and as Clementine, to get more of a feel for his character and what he wishes for, especially his wishes for Nick. But with either decision, you’re trapped indoors surrounded by mutant zombies hungering and thirsting for your flesh and blood.*BLUURGH!*

Dead Man Walkin'
Getting back to the group is your objective in the beginning, but as the group separates in order to find each other, you’re stuck back at the house babysitting Carlos’s daughter, Sarah, and waiting for them to return. What you decide to tell her is optional, and depending on your choice, and if you decided to be her friend in episode one, you are able to teach her how to defend herself using a gun with the advice Lee gave to Clementine during target practice on the train in the first season. Aw, Lee...I miss that guy.

For Sarah, it isn’t necessary to teach her how to shoot a gun, but it does seem wise since Carlos always shields her from the world of the dead and doesn't teach her how to survive. But it’s not just the walkers they need to worry about. An unexpected threat arrives on your doorstep—literally—a man named ‘George’ who you have suspicion might be in fact be Carver—the man the group is worried about.

Journey to the Unknown
Through the forest and up the mountains, the group journey to a safer higher ground away from the dead and the living up to the unknown, and what you find at the top—or rather who—is a true surprise, one that will leave you with a smile until confusion kicks in, along with another surprise that will leave you suspicious and annoyed. Let’s just say someone from the past and 400 Days make an appearance.

Where your loyalties lie is the biggest question and decision you have to make in this episode, and who you choose to protect is what will change things in the episodes to come. And although there is one part that will leave you facepalming by someone’s stupid mistake, you have to keep in mind that you're warming up to the new group, especially with Luke and Nick and finally Rebecca, and the wrong choices can possibly ruin that. 

So hide yo wife, hide yo kids, get your weapons and your wise choices and indulge yourself in another episode of brilliant storytelling and a world of the dead and the threats of the living.


As for the gameplay, it ran quite smoothly and the artwork and detail was beautiful and well done, especially the scene when you’re scouting the area on the ski lift. The total length of the episode was perfect—not too short and didn’t drag out—and the amount of quick time events, scenes and dialogue was well balanced. 

Overall, Episode 2 was well worth the wait and is definitely enjoyable and intriguing, and as for the ending, I won’t lie, it’s intense, I’ll leave it at that. Next time on The Walking Dead ‘In Harm’s Way’ looks to be interesting and I can’t wait to see what else is in store. What does Carver want and why did the group runaway from him? We’ll soon find out….



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