Thursday, 20 March 2014

The 100 | Review

The 100
Reasons Why Humans Suck!
What do you get if you put 100 young juveniles on Earth 97 years after a nuclear war destroyed civilisation? An interesting story of survival, rebellion and possible romance...oh and chaos, of course. The 100 is a new TV series created by Jason Rothenberg based on the book by Kass Morgon on how humans will never learn from their mistakes, never get along and will always go back to their bad, idiotic and egotistical ways. Great job
                                                                                                           humanity, you'll never change!
                                                                                                      But with every story, there is always
                                                                                                                    hope...or is there?

One Small Step For Man, One Giant Screw Up For Mankind
Humans ruined the planet by a nuclear war which left the human race near extinction. After 97 years, Clarke—the main character—along with 99 other juveniles are sent back to Earth in a spaceship in hopes of being able to live there once again with no radiation and possibly repopulate the planet. But humans are never that wise, especially since the majority of them are criminals seeking freedom. For those in charge back on the space ark, the 100 are test subjects who wear technological wristbands—that monitor their health and status back to the testers on the ark—to see if they can survive and not die from radiation so the rest of the people on the ark can return back home since oxygen is running low.

The 100 are given a taste of Earth's fresh air and beautiful nature and already there's someone who wants to be in charge and go against the mission declaring they should all remain free and take off their wristband—something not to do as the testers will presume they are dead and that Earth is still not safe.

Like Clarke, there are a couple of 'good' characters that help her find the food they are set out to retrieve at Mount Weather but realise their ship landed in the wrong destination, making it harder for them to get to. They aren't alone on Earth and new dangers are among them, whether it's The 100 doing whatever they want and hurting people, or new, mutant creatures. Home is no longer for humans, it's something else's land and humans are the prey.

Nothing is Forbidden
Was it good? For the first episode, I quite enjoyed it. It left me wanting more and has an interesting plot with a few story questions. It's something different for a TV series and a few characters are likeable. Also, the special effects are well done.

What I didn't really like was its predictability at times and the typical male and female characters. You have your bad boy with longish hair and charming and defensive ways known as Finn (above in photo) who is liked by the girls and has an interest in the main character, the typical alpha males who want to lead and control the rest of the people—actor Richard Harmon being of those characters of course since he looks like one and plays the role really well—a Councillor on the ark whose power goes to his head, an outspoken exotic girl named Octavia who all the guys want but crushes on Finn which will create tension between both female characters in episodes to come, and lastly, the case of humans will never change and can never get along in order to survive.

  • Something new and different
  • Likeable characters
  • Interesting storyline
  • A few story questions
  • Awesome special effects
  • Left me wanting more
  • Look forward to how the series will turn out
  • Predictable at times
  • Typical
  • Stupid moments from characters
A new and great series so far, though I hope there will be twists and turns in episode to come. I recommend it to anyone who likes survival and post apocolyptic movies or series.

Since the pilot left me wanting more, I will continue watching to see what happens and include my thoughts in my WW Wednesdays posts so stay tuned!


Final Verdict

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