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WW Wednesdays | What I've Watched Wednesdays #2

Welcome back to WW Wednesdays, also known as What I've Watched Wednesdays, a title that pretty much sums itself up! Click here for Part 1.

Each and every Wednesday a new post will be published on the TV shows and/or movies I have watched over the week, along with a brief summary of what I thought of them, so stay tuned for more!

Note: Something mysterious happened to this post and I had to redo the entire thing again so some of the content is shortened and missing. #Aliens


For this week, I have watched the following:

  • Arrow: Season 2, Episode 15
  • Hannibal: Season 2, Episode 1
  • The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 12
  •  Beauty and the Beast: Season 2, Episode 15
  • Helix: Season 1, Episode 9
  • The Following: Season 2, Episode7
  • Bates Motel: Season 2, Episode 1
  • Star-Crossed: Season 1, Episode 3
  •  Taken 2 (2012)

 So, let's start with the TV shows.

Arrow: S02, E15
STOP!...Arrow Time!
I'll be honest, I actually hated the first season of Arrow. It was so cheesy and corny that some points were cringe-worthy. But thank goodness I kept watching because it's gotten better...a lot better! In this episode, T-Bag Robert Knepper plays an intelligent hacker, Oliver is tired of Laurel's annoying ways—aren't we all—and Felicity is feeling left out of the group feeling as though Sara has taken over her role and that she is no longer Arrow's 'girl'. A good episode overall, but next episode definitely looks interesting, you'll see why.

Hannibal: S02, E01
Bon appétit!
To read my review and my overall opinions of the first episode of Season 2, click here!

The Walking Dead: S04, E12
This week's episode may disappoint some fans as it isn't filled blood and gore and decapitating hordes of zombies. Instead, it focuses on Daryl's and Beth's character development and I enjoyed that, but others might see it as boring. We see an emotional and 'human' side to Daryl as he opens up about his past, as well as how to play golf with zombies. From the looks of things, a romance between Daryl and Beth is possible for future episodes, but for now, their relationship is strong and balanced. The only complaints I had was the amount of alcohol they wasted! The point of the end scene is to 'say goodbye to the past', but they could have used that alcohol as disinfectant or even as molotovs! *facepalm*

Beauty and the Beast: S02, E15
Is it just me, or is Beauty and the Beast turning into a crime soap-opera because it sure feels that way. The whole love triangleif you can even call it that—between Vincent and Gab is getting boring and cheesy, especially since they're adults and acting like teenagers. It's all about pleasing Catherine, and for Vincent, it's to stop using his beast side to win her affection, even though there's a new beast is on the loose. The episode overall was okay and the ending is somewhat predictable but enjoyable.

Helix: S01, E09
Snow, black blood, infected, reunited; here's this week's Helix! After discovering the obvious in the last episode, Julia confronts Hatake and discovers an unexpected truth/truths, someone isn't doing so good healthwise, a family reunites with the help of someone untrustworthy, Peter rises from the dead...well...kind of anyway and becomes the leader of the Vectors and the virus that began it all is gone. Someone we know has it and what they will do with it is unknown.

The Following: S02, E07

Just when you thought Joe Carrol was bad, Lily and a new cult from Hell rise. A killer, known as the Huntsman, kidnaps one major character and is ordered to kill them for Lily, Joe is faced with a new psychotic cult and things get intense and emotional for Ryan and Mike. Let's just say I hope Mike kills Lily, I'm just sayin'.

Bates Motel: S02, E01
I'm Baaaack!
Speaking of psychos, Bates Motel is back for an all new season! To read my review and first impressions, click here!

Star-Crossed: S01, E03
Finally, things are getting interesting! For this week, certain human students are selected and invited into the Sector, an Ayrian is chosen to fight against the humans and the Redhawks, Roman has to play the bad guy in order to stay the good guy when it comes to Emery, Grayson isn't entirely who he says he is and a glass cube is taken from the ship that can destroy humanity along with the one thing that can save the human race. Oh, and humans still suck, what a surprise.


Taken 2 (2012)
Taken 2: Proudly Brought to You By, Never Travel Overseas.
Byran: "Let's go to Istanbul. I'm sure nothing bad will happen there."
Kim and Lenore: "Yeah! That sounds like a great idea!"
Byran: "Well, shit. Gotta be the hero again."

Please, and I repeat, PLEASE do not make another Taken film! Taken is one of my favourite action movies and to be honest, this one was a bit too much. I mean, after Kim being kidnapped in France, you'd think they would be cautious and wary when travelling overseas, but no. 

Bryan is offered a short time job in Istanbul and invites Kim and Lenore to come with him as she is going through a rough divorce. Their holiday is great and they bond, but then things turn sour. The parents and families of the Albanians Bryan killed to save his daughter seek revenge and track him down. In other words, their people can kill and kidnap someone else's child, but not their own. Right, talk about double standards..... Anyway, then the obvious happens and Bryan and Lenore are taken. It's up to Kim to save her parents and Taken 2 begins.

Overall, it wasn't bad but it wasn't the best either. Sure, Bryan MillsNeeson—is a total badass and an awesome father who can kick arse, but there's no need to make a third, it would be too repetitive, not to mention extremely unbelievable. How many times can one man save his family after all...unless of course it's a new family and storyline then that would be cool.


So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading this week's WW Wednesdays. Be sure to stay tuned for another one next week!

Also, if there's a TV show or movie I have listed that you want a full review on, let me know in the comments below! 

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