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WW Wednesdays | What I've Watched Wednesdays #3

Welcome back to WW Wednesdays, also known as What I've Watched Wednesdays, a title that pretty much sums itself up! Click here for Part 2.

Each and every Wednesday a new post will be published on the TV shows and/or movies I have watched over the week, along with a brief summary of what I thought of them, so stay tuned for more!

For this weeka rather large one, too—I have 
  watched the following:

  • Arrow: Season 2, Episode 15
  • The Blacklist: Season 1, Episode 15
  • Hannibal: Season 1, Episode 2
  • Those Who Kill: Season 1, Episode 1
  • The Walking Dead: Season 4, Episode 13
  • Revenge: Season 3, Episode 14
  • Once Upon a Time: Season 3, Episode 12
  • Beauty and the Beast: Season 2, Episode 16
  • Helix: Season 1, Episode 10
  • The Following: Season 2, Episode 8
  • Bates Motel: Season 2, Episode 2
  • Star-Crossed: Season 1, Episode 4

No movies this week!
 So, let's start with the TV shows and what better way to do them by capturing the worst or unflattering image during each episode just for laughs, or even a little amused smirk. Here's something new for this week's WW Wednesdays. Enjoy.

Arrow: S02, E16
"His name is Slade Wilson, and unless we stop him, he's gonna kill Oliver and his entire family."

"MR WIIIILSOOOON!" *Dennis the Menace reference* 

So this week's episode is all about Slade Wilson, along with a lot of background as to what happened between him and Oliver on the island. Why he is missing an eye is still unknown for now, but I'm curious to find out. Slade's revenge is creeping up on Oliver and just when you think things might end once and for all, they don't because someone takes their time doing their simple task. By the end, someone's life will be on the line and it's up to Arrow to save the next episode....

The Blacklist: S01, E15
Ohh SNAAAP! So justice, infidelity and a good ol' twist is what's in store for this episode of The Blacklist. With The Judge seeking justice and an eye for an eye for 'innocent' prisoners and Keen's husband being conflicted, the overall episode wasn't bad. It was a little boring, but the ending definitely made up for it. I guess you can't trust anyone after all. Let's just say someone we already know and like is going to be on Red's hitlist...or should I say Red's...*sunnies*...shitlist.

Okay...enough with the cheesy jokes....

Hannibal: S02, E02
Another fleshy episode of Hannibal this week, to the point that it left me a little grossed out, not going to lie. Will is either generally confused or acting confused at the asylum and is convinced Hannibal is dangerous, Hannibal gets his sniff on and tracks down the killer and occasionally mumbles as usual during some scenes, Jack is torn between believing if Will is guilty or innocent, Madam soft speaker and mumbler Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier pays Will a visit and poor Roland—the main victim in this episode—literally tears himself away from a psycho's colour collection. Prepare yourself for blood and gore and top it off with a nice, big piece of ham...and by ham, I mean human meat. It is Hannibal after all.

Those Who Kill: S01, E01
Worst. Opening Credits. EVER! If you, like me, have a fear of big disgusting spiders than my goodness, you are going to want to skip the opening credits section every single time because...*shudders*...yuck. But apart from that and into the serious part, Those Who Kill is one of those shows that is different, and to be honest, I don't even know if I like it yet. It's about a homicide detective named Catherine Jensen who, similar to Hannibal, enlists a forensic psychologist to track down serial killers and seek the truth behind the disappearance of her brother.

Judging from the pilot, it seems that Catherine had a bad experience—perhaps abuse—with her father which acts as one of the main story questions. The serial killer in this episode is a creepy man who abducts women who are changing their lives and puts them in an enclosed space until they die from no oxygen. I won't spoil anymore, but it's one of those shows you have to watch to see if you enjoy it or not. For now, I'm going to give this show another go see if I like it.

The Walking Dead: S04, E13
Connection, friendship and romance seems to be this week's episode's theme. It is based around Daryl, Beth, Maggie, Sasha and Bob and how friendship and love is what will keep the living going in the end. Daryl opens up a bit more and Beth makes him believe that good does exist along with a hint of a possible romance, and Maggie, on the other hand, tries to convince Sasha that there is always hope. We also see more of Bob's background story and how he fears being alone. A good episode overall, though there was another facepalming move on Daryl's part. Someone gets separated and another may end up joining a new group.

Revenge: S03, E14
The Many Faces of Victoria
So Revenge is finally back with bitching, blackouts, fallouts and a twist—a twist I figured out moments after a new character is introduced, it was kind of obvious in my opinion due to predictable storytelling. Emily's blackouts are getting worse, Aiden is in danger, Daniel is suspicious of Conrad and his relationship with Emily, the past comes back to haunt Victoria, an ex is in town and just when Jack is moving on, a surprise is in store for him. A good episode overall though at times the show feels like a soap opera.

Once Upon a Time: S03, E12
Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall, Who's the Most Wicked of them All? 
Evil versus Wicked. Once Upon a Time is back after leaving us sad and confused from the last episode. Emma is living a new, fake life with Henry while Hook tries to help her remember her past, all isn't as it seems, Regina has the hots for a known thief, new characters are introduced and a new curse is unleashed, one that no one has recollection of. With a few twists and surprises, the rest of Season 3 is going to be an awesome journey.

Beauty and the Beast: S02, E16
Proudly Brought to You by Colgate
Okay, so before I get into my brief summary, I just want to get something out of the way. Mini spoiler alert, Sam is in prison getting his medical results back, and being a prisoner, the guards don't even bother to handcuff him or tie his wrists to the bed so he can't get free. Right, how believable....

But again another episode of a pissing contest between Vincent and Gabe on who should be with Catherine. It's getting to the point where Beauty and the Beast is now a romantic comedy/teenage drama instead of a serious show like it was in the first season I feel. It felt like a cheesy version of 'He's Just Not That Into You', but more like 'She's Just Not That Into You' and some of the scenes were childish and immature like two kids fighting over a toy. The main theme for this week is about not going backwards which is ironic because I feel the show kind of is going backwards and it's a shame.

The only part I liked was the 2-3 minutes at the end, especially the reference with the red rose like the animation. I really hope the show picks up again.
Rose Red Reference
Helix: S01, E10
Voldemort has a Brother?!
A few weeks ago I wasn't sure if I was really getting in Helix, but this episode changed that for me. What you think you might know about the truth behind the silver eyes will change, a romance between two characters occurs, Hatake reveals some missing truths, someone is on the verge of dying, Julia could be the cure for many things, Peter is showing signs of obsession with Julia as a Vector and someone we thought we could trust has their own plan with the virus. The ending will leave you wide-eyed. I honestly wasn't expecting that.

The Following: S02, E08
This week's episode of The Following wasn't as great as last week but we see another characters following similar paths to others, like Mike for example. Now with the death of his father, Mike is out for revenge on Lily—which I hope he is the one who ends her life and her wicked, evil ways—a new face from the past enters Ryan's life again wanting answers about Joe Carrol, Joe has his own plan with the new cult he is in, a teacher isn't only just a school teacher and the relationship between Mike and Max is growing warmer. I hope they get together, but knowing this show, no one can love anyone because why? Someone always dies.

Bates Motel: S02, E02
Why You No Understand, Mother?
Norman is so awkward I love it. Freddy Highmore definitely plays the part extremely well that it's believable. This week's episode brought out the true relationship between Norma and her son, and if you've seen the original movie Psycho, you'll see why Norman has a love obsession with her. Norma would do anything to protect Norman and shows off her talent of singing, Norman and Dylan do everything to protect Bradley, a new drug lord is taking over and might even start a drug war and Norma's worst fear is about to arrive at Bates Motel, uh oh. Next week's episode sure does look interesting.

Star-Crossed: S01, E04
Okay, so Star-Crossed is picking up a bit more again this week. It still has its cheesy high school moments, but it isn't anything too bad though I'll admit the part when they discuss the chances of humans and atrians 'getting together' was kind of amusing and so typical. Roman's father is hiding a secret, Roman tries to find answers while protecting those he cares about, humans and atrians still aren't getting along but some humans are accepting them, Roman's sister wants to be part of the swimming team which causes trouble, typical blondie in the class has her eye on bad boy Drake, Grayson shows his care for the Atrians but whether he is genuine or not is still unknown—I have my suspicion he might be an Atrian himself or undercover for the Redhawks—and Emery is trying to move on resulting in Roman being jealous. An okay episode overall.


So there you have it. I hope you enjoyed reading this week's WW Wednesdays. Be sure to stay tuned for another one next week!

Also, if there's a TV show or movie I have listed that you want a full review on, let me know in the comments below! 

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